We are among the most important suppliers of products for the first use, mainly intended for manufacturers of tractors and heavy vehicles sector. Our production is based on the processing of components in full supply of steel,cast iron and raw with the primary objective of meeting the needs and expectations of the customer, through a continuous improvement of the product and supply systems, applying inside the ‘Company Total Quality’. OMG has developed steadily over time its technical and industrial capacity and is the undisputed leader in the production of customer-specific:

Axle shaft

Wheel axles

Splined shafts

Steering control levers

Steering knuckle

Flession bars

Transmission shaft

Exhaust manifolds

Front and rear wheel hubs

PTO Casing

PTO Shaft

Planet carrier boxes

Differential boxes

Reduction casing box

Brake piston

Wheel forks

OMG is today on the market as a supplier able to offer not only work, but a complete service that can start  from the purchase of raw materials and ends with the supply of machined and assembled units.

Production processes related to OMG machining are:


Teeth /Hobbing



Boring / Reaming



Induction Hardening Threatment

Mechanical assembly


Dimensional works

Turning lathe diameter mm 180
Turning lathe max lenght mm 3000
Teeth-Hobbing machine M module ≤ 6
Teeth-Hobbing machining max lenght mm 2100
Teeth Grob rolling machine M module ≤ 3
Teeth Grob Rolling machine max lenght mm 1600
Vertical Broaching machine
Press machine
Horizontal vertical machine centre mm 1200x800x800
Induction hardening Threatment High, medium, low frequency
Grinding machines  type 1 – max diameter mm 500
Grinding machines  type 1 – max lenght mm 1800
Grinding machines  type 2 – max diameter mm 60
Grinding machines  type 2 – max lenght mm 2000
Washing machines

mm 500 x 500 tape

mm 1000 x 700 basket