Today O.M.G. It guarantees the account-third production for wheel axles, shafts, levers and arms, differential housings, castings and other cast iron products, steel and iron, lining up a series of highly important economic data:
 sales rose by 36 million euro in 2002 to nearly 60 million in 2013, reaching almost 40 million in the period of crisis; while the investment curve is rising over the years, all employees in order to ensure production in line with the expectations of the automotive,
forklifts, trucks and heavy vehicles, mechanical components for the agriculture and for machinery for buildings

Even the markets follow this positive trend, with Italy in the first row which absorbs 56% of the production, followed by 39% from the EU countries and 5% from non-EU countries.
Powerful also in the selection and purchase of raw materials, thanks to numerous suppliers, steel mills, foundries and printing work is carried for third parties, without production of particular OMG design, but on order and customer design,
in which we provide directly the finished product with high quality standards.

The heart of the company is a modern, agile, flexible and highly qualified, guaranteed by the possession of more than 150 machines of the most technologically advanced, to help ensure customers a high level of service.
The company, in August 2016 acquired the ISO TS 16949: 2009 for sector Automotive through  SGS, demonstrating the high severity in the standard of quality that we are able to maintain.

OMG it was already in possession since 1999 the ISO 9001: 2008 certification of SGS, and quality certifications of the most important European manufacturers of vehicles and has successfully completed the certification cycle to ensure even more the quality of its products

The addition computerized production management, allows the products to pass through all stages of processing provided carefully ensuring traceability, quality production and on-time delivery.



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Our mission is:

Responsibility to Customers

We realize with constant commitment an activity that allows to supply products and services that meet customer expectations, ensuring the quality, timeliness and efficiency.

Corporate Strategic Plan

The objective is to strengthen on all domestic and international markets, implementing new types of products.

Responsibility to Employees

We value human resources by encouraging the growth of the different skills and stimulating the corporate spirit under conditions not discriminating and always improvements

Responsibility to the Company

We create business with a sense of civic and social responsibility, respect for human rights and the environment in which it operates.

Let's challenge the Future together

Reduce waste by focusing on domestic production and selecting sub-structured vendors can reduce costs, improve efficiency, high quality standards of product and process in line with the market demands. OMG is proposed as a technology partner able to guarantee you these standards.


OMG cares about the health and safety of its employees and visitors. For this reason it has shared the value and importance of the “Cardio-protected Company” project, equipping its headquarters with a defibrillator (AED) and organizing a BLSD course aimed at training a team of “guardian angels”, qualified to use this simple and safe life-saving device.